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When Time says Different Things With Our Hearts

When you want something, and need it the most, surely you will keep praying, keep saying, and keep the faith that you will get it.

What if time says different things with what you expect?
Will you just be angry with God for what He gives? Then leave Him, looking for your own truth? Or you will just surrender, keep the faith, keep praying, tell Him what you want, and begging He’ll open His way for your happiness?

Maybe we are often angry with the conditions of life, and think that its unfair. Life is not on your side, life is the enemy of yourself.

So do I. It is hard for me to have the conditions around me. Almost broken family, a less than ordinary family, not even a guy will come to me with all I have, and an ordinary me.

I once have happiness, and I do really hope, begged Him for it to ever last.
It is hurt to be taught. But I do believe that everything happens for the purpose of itself. If I ever hurt, I know, He will guide me, He will strength me till the end, till the last power of mine, then He’ll show His beautiful way.

Surrender to God, not to our power..


June 12, 2010 - Posted by | me and just me

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