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When We’re Thinking That We Can Stand By Ourselves, It Was The Time We Realize That We Cannot

okay, I’m back
The first thing I want to say is ‘Just ignore my previous post’

The truth is, I cannot live without him, not even a minute. He took all my heart and its beats, all my thinking and thoughts, and all the love I have.

Difference is one thing. Lots of people do taking care about this, don’t understand what it really means.
Differences cause a life, a colorful life we have, the life we enjoy, the life we curse, and the life we treasure.

Basically, I’m the type of person who can respect for differences I meet.

In term of relationship, merely personal relationship, differences will causing togetherness or separation, based on what kind of differences you guys have.

Me and my boyfriend (yes, I finally have my official and published boyfriend) have difference religion. Though both of us have a same thought at the beginning, yet we cannot go out together, finally we aware that we cannot be together, and moreover we cannot live alone without each other. I do sure, no religion are showing and teaching badness. And I do more sure, whenever we do something with a good purpose, He will let us done with the things 🙂

So here we are, March 14th 2010, about 1am, we decided to be a coupled, try to find solution for this differences, and let all the world know we’re doing great with this thing.

Problems often comes, jealousy because of distance, speak intonation, or any other thing. But so far, we can handle those. We can ensure one another that our love and desire to have a family is stronger than whatever it is.

By the time, I see, he loves me more than anybody else does, how he getting confused when I’m jealous, his fear of losing both my love and myself. I do respect him as my husband to be. He controls me in a special way, makes me realized however I’m a woman and someday I’ll just stay at home, and taking care of my family.

I ever think, someday if I have to lose him and again, live by myself, I’m ready for that condition. You know what, my tears falling that time.
When I think I can stand by myself, it was the time I realized I cannot.
When I think I can stand by myself, it was the time I realized I have no faith to be alone.


April 29, 2010 - Posted by | me and just me

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