Coffee and Cream, Sweet and Sour, Hot and Spicy

This kind of BloG

Tired of Waiting

Hey, how r u over there?

Seems like u’re quite happy for everything you get 🙂 and am happy for you too.

Asking the title?

Tired.Yes, tired.

I’ve always been here, waiting for you to come, and spend all the times left just with you. I’ve always been here, hoping and hoping that someday you’ll look back at me, and see that only me who’s been there, just wait.

You just don’t know how much it hurts when you said its all nothing.Meaningless.

Don’t you know how much it means for me ever? The times we’ve spent together, the night and the last time we met?How i treasure the moment, how I wish everything will stay at its place on that night..

I know, i do really know, I 90% possibly just clapping with my hand, wait for another hand, yet yours, to come, but it never.

I broke, I lie down. I try to wake up without you.Wake up, stand and walk. But I can’t. The picture of us stay and turning in my head, making me like frozen, and just stay here. I just cannot have these days without you.

If I can’t be with you, may I just stay alone for the rest of my life and never let another man come and stay into my heart?


January 21, 2010 - Posted by | song lyrics

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