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This kind of BloG

Just a farewell letter

there’s a time I think that I like you
and there’s a time I think that I don’t

I never thought that I could feel this way
knowing that you’ll gonna leave though it’s not about leaving me, really hurts me

I don’t understand how can I feel this way
I just feel and already knew that I want you to stay here nearby

I don’t know what to say to you
I don’t know how to keep having you here

I do sure you already know how I feel about you
I am not sure that you don’t like me in return

the expectations you told me when you want me to keep sharing with you and when you tell me about your everything
make me wonder and wonder

am I something for you?
do I mean for you?

I already told you I cannot let you go and have the distances between us
but you told me that you do this for your sake

those are not about me
those are not about us

I know and I do understand you have no ‘us’
I know but I just can get it

do you have to go?
you still have any hopes outside

you can reach your dream right over there
but not in the place you’re gonna be

I cannot tell you that I love you
I cannot tell you not because I dont want to but little more that I am not sure if I love you

could we have these things longer?
do you know I cried because you’re gonna leave?

don’t ever ask me why
I will never have the answer

I cannot hold you
I cannot hold you

even more I cannot love you
I am somebody else’s

dear, I am not sure that I will be with him
like I am not sure that we are destined to be together

is that true the you will looking for me when you’re here?
is that true that we will meet again someday?

dear, the time must not be like nowadays
the time may be too late for us to get together
the time must be too late
the time might be never come

will you ever ask me to be yours someday?
or it is just a thought to be dreamt?

dear, all i can say today is just ‘Wish you every luckinesses and goodnesses. See you next time’

*I’m crying while writing this, really afraid if I never see you again. Is this love? Or just n emotional feeling?*


April 2, 2009 - Posted by | me and just me

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