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This kind of BloG

What a day..

today is Richard’s last day here. Which means that now, start on today, i have more responsibilities. And that’s why i was hired.


don’t know how to feel. get a bigger responsibilities, greater role of jobs, being Person In Charge for this awesome project.

But….i still have not received my salary. Oh, how come?? I need that money, please. This is greatest load of jobs ever, plenty of jobdesk that must be done within this week. And the Team Leader will be released. And those all will be my responsibilities??? No….I need plenty of food to run from my stress..

hmm…who i should talk about my salary??

by the way, today i have no idea with getting ‘irit’. But God loves me so much. This noon, Richard pay the pizzas for me, Gina, Mba Iin and Fajar. Then Richaed by some ICrave Doughnuts, and Breadtalk which are left a lot 😀

Then, this afternoon, Vina called me. She asked me to come to her seafood party invitation 😀

Since, I was so full…hmmmh…what a complicated day..


March 25, 2008 - Posted by | me and just me

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